Declaration of Intent for Continuity – a legal initiative of Biological Will

עץ אחרייThe Initiative

A legal alignment of tens of lawyers helps soldiers and civilians act towards fertility preservation in the case of fatal injury.
The “Iron Swords” war put on the public agenda the need of many soldiers and civilians to enable the use of their genetic matter (sperm) in the case of fatal injury. The “Acharai” (“After Me”) initiative aims to provide a legal and moral support framework to assist those who seek it.
During these “waiting period” days, prior to the ground infiltration of Gaza, a group of volunteering lawyers, sponsored by the “Mishpacha Chadasha” (“New Family”) organization was developed, voluntarily expending all its resources and energy for the sake of these families’ life projects.
The purpose is to notify all those involved in the war- soldiers, their partners and their parents, about the existence of this possibility.

For details, contact: ☎️ 03-566-0504 (the number is also Whatsapp)
Or fill out a temporary letter of intent at the following link
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