Wills and Inheritance

New Family’s attorneys provide expert legal consultation and advice on inheritance issues before preparing wills. To make a will, schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys at the Family Rights Center in Tel Aviv. Wills are prepared following consultations during which the individual discusses their wishes and learns about all the potential issues affecting their will. Following consultation, the attorney prepares a draft of the will to be discussed in further consultations. Upon completion, wills are signed by two witnesses and stored in our Will Bank. The testator, the person making the will, may also file it with the Registrar of Wills. A will that is deposited with the Registrar of Wills is confidential during the testator’s lifetime and no one except the testator can access it, even his spouse.

New Family recommends making a will when you are young.  No young person anticipates tragic and unforeseen circumstances, so it is best to protect your interests and the interests of your loved ones by planning for all possibilities. It is crucial to include provisions in your will in the event that you can’t take care of your children. New Family recommends naming guardians for your children or future children in your will in the event of your death while your children are minors. These are the decisions that every parent or couple should make for themselves, and not leave them to the state to decide for them.  It is crucial to commit your wishes for your children’s future to a legal and valid will.

It is not necessary to own property or to have a partner to make a will. Wills can take into account not only the property you currently own but what property you may acquire in the future. It’s important to understand what rights former, current and future spouses have on your assets. Early planning affords you the luxury of dedicating thought to your last will and testament.

New Family also provides legal consultation on wills and inheritances in English and in some cases, consultations and wills in other languages can be arranged. Our attorneys can draft wills in Hebrew and translate them to English if an English-language will is desired. Legal consultation is provided 40 hours a week, Sunday-Thursday, from 9 a.m-5 p.m.