Irit Rosenblum

Advocate Irit Rosenblum

Advocate Irit Rosenblum is the founder and driving spirit behind New Family. Driven by her commitment to justice as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, Rosenblum pioneered a new philosophy and practice of human rights in the sphere of the family. Rosenblum offers an original philosophy in which every individual’s right to establish a family and exercise equal rights within it regardless of gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and legal status must be acknowledged as a universal human right. She dedicated her life to a new practice of family law that creates families without discrimination of faith, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or legal status. She established New Family in 1998 as a vehicle to actualize and apply her philosophy of human rights for family life.

One core her work is creating civil alternatives for marriage and divorce that circumvent religious authority. Rosenblum pioneered Domestic Union Cards™, whose invention of Domestic Union Cards™ positioned her as a global legal innovator.

Rosenblum was the first to articulate a right to biological continuity and to leave a biological legacy. Motivated by the conviction that parenting is a human right, Rosenblum cultivated a new realm of legal, medical and social possibilities by advocating use of IVF, artificial insemination, surrogacy, freezing ova, and posthumous sperm retrieval by those who otherwise can’t have children. Rosenblum invented The Biological Will™ as a solution to the quandaries presented by new reproductive technologies. She argues that anonymous gamete donations rob children of their genetic record, complete family tree, and the love of an extended family. These beliefs inspired her to establish the world’s first and only Biological Will™ Bank. As the only entity drafting and storing Biological Wills™, Rosenblum helps the terminally ill, bereaved families, soldiers, and widow/ers create their biological legacy.

Irit Rosenblum is an avid commentator on social issues and a frequent contributor to the media. She has received multiple distinctions, including the Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Legal Marketing Association Your Honor Award, National Council of Jewish Women Jewel Bellush Israeli Feminist of the Year, The Oguntê Social Leadership Award, the Hubbard One Excellence in Legal Marketing Initiative of the Year Award, the InnovAction Award for legal innovation and distinctions from Globes, Lady Globes and The Marker as one of Israel’s most influential women.