Surrogacy Outside of Israel

New Family pioneered the legal process of parenthood through surrogacy and has helped hundreds of hetero and homosexual couples realize their dream of becoming biological parents. New Family is the recognized authority on foreign surrogacy and the only entity with proven experience in bringing babies born through foreign surrogacy to Israel and getting both partners recognized as legal parents.

In a series of ground-breaking legal victories, New Family fought for the rights of same-sex couples to have children through foreign surrogacy, and then won the right for both spouses to be registered as parents by biological parenthood or adoption. Thanks to a December 2013 precedent, the partner of the biological parent can be declared the legal parent by court verdict, instead of having to adopt the child.

Because of the stringent regulation of surrogacy in Israel, Israeli heterosexual and homosexual singles and couples often pursue surrogacy abroad.  Until proposed reforms become law, same-sex couples or singles can’t have children through Israeli surrogacy, so foreign surrogacy is their only option.  Heterosexual couples who might be approved for domestic surrogacy may choose to go abroad to take advantage of lower costs, accommodating regulations, shorter process, and greater autonomy.  Popular surrogacy destinations for homosexual Israelis include Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, the United States, and Mexico. Georgia, the Ukraine, which do not allow two men to register as parents, and the United States, which do allow two men to register as parents in some states, are the top destinations for heterosexual Israelis. Canada recently opened its borders to singles and couples of any orientation. The cost of foreign surrogacy procedures, stays abroad, and legal proceedings can range from USD 75,000 to USD 130,000, depending on the country, agency, surrogate, and egg donor. 

New Family provides legal consultation and expertise to singles and couples of all genders and sexual orientations on all the legal aspects of foreign surrogacy and arranging the family’s legal status after birth. Our attorneys accompany the intended parents through the process of consultation, drafting or checking surrogacy agreements drafted by surrogacy agencies abroad, arranging legal status for the babies born, and attaining recognition for both partners as legal parents. New Family works with reputable agencies that match the couple with a surrogate, arrange the medical procedures in the country where the surrogacy will take place, and in some cases, drafts the legal agreement. Call 972 3 566 0504 to schedule a consultation at the Family Rights Center in Tel Aviv. Legal consultation is provided 40 hours a week, Sunday-Thursday, from 9 a.m-5 p.m.