Domestic Union Card™ Benefits

Post Office:

·       Picking up partner’s registered mail.

·       Paying bills in partner’s name.

Ministry of the Interior:

·       Substantiating eligibility for foreign spouses to gain legal status in Israel

Health Services (Kupat Holim) & Hospitals:

·       Getting prescriptions for your partner.

·       Being consulted about medical decisions in case of emergency.

·       Being admitted to your partner’s medical procedure.

·       Eligibility for fertility treatments as a couple.

·       Admittance to the delivery room if your female partner gives birth to a baby.

·       Declaring paternity if you’re not married to your child’s mother.

Social Security (Bituach Leumi):

·       Proving eligibility for inheritance and survivors benefits in case of death of partner.

·       Proving eligibility to share maternity leave.

Ministry of Housing:

·       Proving eligibility for public housing or a subsidized mortgage as a couple.

Ministry of Transportation:

·       Transferring ownership over a car to your partner without being considered a new owner, the maintaining car’s value.

I.D.F. Military Service:

·     Salary increase for married soldiers

·     Scheduling consideration


·       Reductions in inheritance taxes for sharing with your partner.

Property Rights:

·       Transferring property rights on your shared home to your partner without taxes.


·       Proving eligibility for a mortgage as a couple.

·       Getting information or being a signatory on a shared account.


·       Recognition as your partner for life insurance purposes.

Sports Clubs/Entertainment/Memberships:

·       Eligibility for family memberships.

Local Government (Iriah/Moatza):

  Family discounts

  Parking permits

  Paying partners’ property taxes (arnona) and bills.

Colleges and Universities

·       Proving eligibility for married-student housing. (Conditional on individual institution’s policy)


·     Proving eligibility for foreign visas as a couple

·     Proving eligibility for status in a foreign nation as a couple

·     Proving eligibility for married student housing or scholarships in a foreign nation