Biological Wills™

Since the dawn of humanity, children have been born after the death of their fathers. Now, children can be conceived after the death of one or even both parents through The Biological Will™. The Biological Will™ is legal innovation by Irit Rosenblum that documents any individual’s desires for use or disposal of sperm, ova and embryos in case of death, incapacitation or infertility that enables people to have children in ways once inconceivable and illegal.

Inspired by the belief that having children is a human right, she founded the world’s first and only Biological Will Bank™. As the world’s only entity drafting Biological Wills™, she helps families create their biological legacy. The Biological Will™ answers needs that aren’t fulfilled by anonymous gamete donations and conventional parenting arrangements, which rob children of their genetic record, complete family tree, and extended family. The Biological Will™ synthesizes the desire for legacy with the opportunity provided by reproductive technologies into a genetic insurance policy.    

Biological Wills™ offer singles and same-sex couples an alternative to anonymous gamete donations by receiving sperm or ova from a known donor. All stakeholders benefit: the individual that fathers/mothers children in the face of incapacity or death, the designated parent, who knows his child’s heritage, the donor’s family, who continue their line, and the child, who gets a complete genetic record, family history and extended family.

From Irit Rosenblum’s proposal to establish a sperm bank for Israel Defense Forces soldiers through the delivery of the world’s first and only child to be born of posthumous maternity by Biological Will™ in 2011, The Biological Will™ initiative broke nature’s boundaries to make this new paradigm in family a reality. In 2011, in the world’s first case of posthumous maternity, a child was born to a surrogate mother from the frozen embryo created by his parents before his mother succumbed to cancer. In May 2013, two babies were born to single mothers’ years after their father’s death through the Biological Will™. On November 25, 2013, the child of solider Keivan Cohen, killed in 2002, was born eleven years after his death. A dozen Biological Wills™ are currently being implemented.