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Israeli couple seek right to use dead son’s sperm / By Harriet Sherwood

Ohad Ben-Yaakov’s parents want legal permission to use sperm taken while 28-year-old was in a coma to produce a grandchild The parents of an Israeli killed in a workplace accident five months ago are seeking legal permission to use his frozen sperm to produce a grandchild, even though he was not in a relationship. Ohad […]

להמשך קריאה
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"A big step for the GLBT community in Israel in receiving recognition of the legitimate family cell." Rosenblum

Legal precedent: a man can adopt the child of his spouse

By: Gilad Grossman, Walla! News Until now, the law did not allow homosexuals to adopt the children of their partners, because the child has two official parents.  Thursday, the court ruled that a man could adopt the biological son of his partner. Family Court in Jerusalem ruled Thursday for the first time that a man […]

להמשך קריאה
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