Some Families Don’t Count

Some families don’t count. New Family founder and executive director Irit Rosenblum said in response to data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics that some families won’t be included in those statistics. She says, ‘Close to 200,000 families in Israel will not find themselves in the statistics gathered by the Central Bureau of Statistics in celebration of Family Day.  You will not find interfaith families, common-law families, same-sex families, migrant workers’ families, and other new families who are not counted by the Central Bureau of Statistics. It is no coincidence that Central Bureau of Statistics’ implements the policy of the government of Israel to marginalize these families and to create a narrative of the Israeli family that has no basis in reality. These families aren’t considered families in Israel and aren’t counted in official statistics. Family Day should be a day where families who are discriminated against all year long can celebrate their existence. This should be a day for Israeli families. All families.”

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