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Cindy Katz grew up in Central New Jersey and moved to Israel in 2010 after living in New York City for nearly ten years. Follow her musings on life, Judaism, and ex-patriotism on her blog

Lost in Translation

Since marrying into an Israeli family and moving here, I cannot help compare the differences between American Jewry and Israeli Jewry. What is perhaps even more interesting is examining the two different community’s perceptions of one another.  Bound by religion, shared history and a complex combination of ethnicity and what can only be referred to […]

להמשך קריאה
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I had an exceedingly easy aliyah experience.  With the right blood and the right surnames, I became a citizen of Israel, with the same rights as any Israeli Jew, in less than a year.  Ironically, my husband’s paperwork was more of a headache than mine; a “katin hozer” (returning minor) and Israeli citizen by birth, […]

להמשך קריאה
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