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Irit Rosenblum’s dream comes true

Woman gives birth using dead man’s frozen sperm In precedent setting case, bereaved parents gain granddaughter after finding woman intent on motherhood, not sperm bank. Irit Rosenblum: this provides women with new ‘avenue of motherhood’ Eti Abramov “Yedioth Achronot”© R., a three-week-old baby, will never get to meet her father, who died of cancer six […]

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The Biological Will™ – a New Paradigm in ART?

Irit Rosenblum, Founder and Executive Director, New Family Organization, Tel Aviv, Israel SUMMARY Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are constantly sophisticating, opening up infinite reproductive possibilities and biological and social parenting constellations. The Biological Will™ is an innovative solution to the legal and moral quandaries presented by new ART. The Biological Will™ is legal testament that […]

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Family Court Approved World’s First Biological Will

Advocate Irit Rosenblum, founder of the world’s first and only Biological Will Center: ‘This is another milestone in the struggle for human dignity.’ Legal Precedent for New Family Organization: Family Court Approved the Biological Will of Baruch Posniansky, (Z”L) which requested that the sperm he froze and stored at the sperm bank be used to […]

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Advocate Irit Rosenblum on new egg donation regulation, ‘This is a great step for women in their race against the biological clock.’

New Family Organization, the leading family rights advocate in Israel, welcomes the Health Ministry’s new regulation permitting Israeli hospitals to freeze ova of women seeking to delay pregnancy. ‘This happy news constitutes a breakthrough in the state’s approach to the status of woman in Israel’, says Advocate Irit Rosenblum, founder and executive director of New Family Organization. ‘The new […]

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"A big step for the GLBT community in Israel in receiving recognition of the legitimate family cell." Rosenblum

Legal precedent: a man can adopt the child of his spouse

By: Gilad Grossman, Walla! News Until now, the law did not allow homosexuals to adopt the children of their partners, because the child has two official parents.  Thursday, the court ruled that a man could adopt the biological son of his partner. Family Court in Jerusalem ruled Thursday for the first time that a man […]

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