Advocate Irit Rosenblum on new egg donation regulation, ‘This is a great step for women in their race against the biological clock.’

New Family Organization, the leading family rights advocate in Israel, welcomes the Health Ministry’s new regulation permitting Israeli hospitals to freeze ova of women seeking to delay pregnancy. ‘This happy news constitutes a breakthrough in the state’s approach to the status of woman in Israel’, says Advocate Irit Rosenblum, founder and executive director of New Family Organization. ‘The new regulation ease’s women’s dilemmas in timing careers and family and allows women to benefit from the technological advances in planning motherhood more freely.’ Rosenblum asserts that although the Ministry of Health finally responded to the public demand, the change was made too late. ‘It’s a shame that many women won’t be able to take advantage of this welcomed step’.

In 2004, New Family set a legal precedent when the request of a 40-year old woman, represented by Irit Rosenblum, to freeze her eggs for future use, was approved. She said ‘Even then, the need of working women’s need to freeze eggs was proven legitimate. From now on, many women will become mothers in freer, more flexible conditions, without sacrificing their career. This is a big step for women in their race against the biological clock.’

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