Global Biological Will™ Precedent: Baby Born From Frozen Embryos After Mothers Death

In the first decision of its kind, The Ministry of Health in July 2010 awarded a 40-year old widower custody of the frozen embryos that he and his wife Keren created in fertility treatments before her unexpected death. Prior to the women’s death, she signed legal documents expressing her desire for their embryos to be gestated, even in the event of her death. Following a legal battle led by New Family to have the embryos released, the man carried out his wife’s will to bring their child into the world by a surrogate mother. The baby was born in the United States in June 2011, two years after his mother’s death. Nissim Ayash, the new father said, ‘When I saw the baby, I thanked God for helping me actualize Keren’s dream. This is an important milestone in Irit Rosenblum’s initiative to promote the right to biological continuity since 2001.

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