Don’t Wed in Cyprus

Don’t wed in Cyprus! New Family’s Common-Law Marriage ID Cards confer couples who can’t or choose not to marry religiously status and rights equal to officially married couples by recognizing them as common-law spouses in Israel’s institutions. Common-Law Marriage ID’s protect couples’ integrity by circumventing religious jurisdiction, avoiding capitulation to the outrageous demands of the religious establishment.

On June 18, YNet published a story about an Israeli attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest matrimonial event in a single day. It is a sad fact of Israel society that not only  160 Israeli couples that can’t marry in their own country choose to make this publish statement of protest, but that every year, more Israelis than Cypriots marry in Cyprus.

New Family urges Israelis to seek civil solutions for recognized partnership in Israel.

See the article at:,7340,L-4083716,00.html

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