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Don’t Wed in Cyprus

Don’t wed in Cyprus! New Family’s Common-Law Marriage ID Cards confer couples who can’t or choose not to marry religiously status and rights equal to officially married couples by recognizing them as common-law spouses in Israel’s institutions. Common-Law Marriage ID’s protect couples’ integrity by circumventing religious jurisdiction, avoiding capitulation to the outrageous demands of the […]

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On Oranges and Water Glasses: Two News Additions to the Seder Plate

The last few parashot readings included instructions on what to do with community members suffering from various skin ailments.  These strange diseases are often interpreted as representing the disease of gossip and slander (lashon ha ra), considered a serious sin in Judaism because, like gathering feathers dispersed in the wind, the damage caused by a […]

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Weddings on the Front Line

Muslims and Jews joined in love face ancient hatreds TAMI ZER and SJIFRA HERSCHBERG | Oct 27, 2003 THE FOUR AMERICANS were on an innocent mission in the Gaza Strip to interview candidates for Fulbright scholarships to U.S. universities when a bomb exploded under their vehicle, killing three and injuring one. It was the second […]

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Advocate Irit Rosenblum on new egg donation regulation, ‘This is a great step for women in their race against the biological clock.’

New Family Organization, the leading family rights advocate in Israel, welcomes the Health Ministry’s new regulation permitting Israeli hospitals to freeze ova of women seeking to delay pregnancy. ‘This happy news constitutes a breakthrough in the state’s approach to the status of woman in Israel’, says Advocate Irit Rosenblum, founder and executive director of New Family Organization. ‘The new […]

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