AG approves parents’ use of dead son’s sperm

Haifa family court debates parents’ request to impregnate woman with dead son’s sperm, even though two never met. Weinstein has no objection, contrary to former office holder

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein does not object to two parents’ request to use their dead son’s sperm to impregnate a woman, a complete stranger to him while he was alive.

Weinstein’s position was filed on Sunday with Haifa’s family court, where the parents’ request, who signed a contract with a woman willing to carry their dead son’s child, is currently being debated.

Weinstein however noted that his stance depends on the deceased’s presumed wishes on the matter, to be decided by the court. At the same time, the attorney general asked for a review to be made by a social worker. According to a statement issued by the Justice Ministry on Sunday, Weinstein believes the use of the sperm is justified in the specific case because “the aspiration to fulfill the late person’s wishes is the expression of the realization of man’s deepest, most basic desires.”

In that case, two parents whose son died of cancer asked to use his sperm to impregnate a woman he did not know. In 2009, the court approved the request despite Mazuz’s objection, who claimed the deceased could not be ascribed with concrete or presumed wishes.

Weinstein’s position is opposed to former Attorney General Menachem Mazuz‘s, who objected to a similar case discussed before the same court.

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