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Israeli Attorney Suggests Common-Law Marriage As an Act of Civil Disobedience

In response to the Israeli Rabbinate’s monopoly on marriage in Israel, the author suggests an act of civil disobedience. Common-law marriage is an act of protest against a corrupt system of religious marriage and divorce in Israel. Israel’s system of marriage and divorce constitutes a commercial industry that sustains itself through exclusion, discrimination and commercialization […]

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AG approves parents’ use of dead son’s sperm

Haifa family court debates parents’ request to impregnate woman with dead son’s sperm, even though two never met. Weinstein has no objection, contrary to former office holder Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein does not object to two parents’ request to use their dead son’s sperm to impregnate a woman, a complete stranger to him while he […]

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How did the secular majority became a persecuted minority?

By IRIT ROSENBLUM A woman refused a divorce cannot break free from the shackles of marriage and rebuild her life. The battle for leadership of the Chief Rabbinate has heated up recently. This is the first time the race for chief rabbi has gotten so much media exposure. Why should the secular public care about […]

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Irit Rosenblum’s dream comes true

Woman gives birth using dead man’s frozen sperm In precedent setting case, bereaved parents gain granddaughter after finding woman intent on motherhood, not sperm bank. Irit Rosenblum: this provides women with new ‘avenue of motherhood’ Eti Abramov “Yedioth Achronot”© R., a three-week-old baby, will never get to meet her father, who died of cancer six […]

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The mikve as a symbol of religious freedom / By IRIT ROSENBLUM

The rational majority in Israel can – and must – work to change the relationship between religion and state. The time for true religious freedom has come. Since Israel has no constitution, and no basic law that defines the relationship between religion and state, exclusive religious jurisdiction over family life in Israel means that the […]

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Nearly Half the Families in Israel Are Outside of the Consensus

“Nearly half the families in Israel are outside of the consensus”, says Advocate Irit Rosenblum, Founder and Executive Director of New Family. “The state mistreats 800,000 families. Women who have civil wedding in Cyprus, for example, are not entitled to alimony.” “I began to formulate the idea of ​​ New Family in the middle of […]

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Advocate Irit Rosenblum on new egg donation regulation, ‘This is a great step for women in their race against the biological clock.’

New Family Organization, the leading family rights advocate in Israel, welcomes the Health Ministry’s new regulation permitting Israeli hospitals to freeze ova of women seeking to delay pregnancy. ‘This happy news constitutes a breakthrough in the state’s approach to the status of woman in Israel’, says Advocate Irit Rosenblum, founder and executive director of New Family Organization. ‘The new […]

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